Wednesday, April 14, 2010

what have i done?

it ise very difficult to have clean, undisturbed periods of time for a certain task so, usually we de lots of different things during a day.
i have listed some of the things i've done today:

fulya, nandini, ali, murat

feyza, service bus driver, my mother, feyza, service bus driver

nicholas cage turkish dub, turkish football critics' kill bill dub, hip hop medley

43 mails recieved (multiple mails in the same conversation counted as one), 15 deleted, 8 written.

gmail (36 pages), facebook (64 pages), 9gag, çekirdekçi tayfa, sezyum, bobiler, bad turkish graphics, scholar resource, google, san francisco moma, wikipedia, google images, bureau of communication, isohunt, google analytics, sabancı university, google docs, how much is your blog worth?, akbank internet banking, mindmeister mind map, sun express airlines, pegasus airlines, turkish airlines, procrastinus academicus, gigapedia, criticker, sabancı information center, vimeo, net kitap, ifile,, hafıza kaybı, aceto balsamico,

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