Saturday, April 24, 2010

manifesto for the not-to-do-list

there is always some time for idleness!
The not-to-do-list is available here:


Our online survey to further progess in our research on procrastination.
Please participate!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

procrastination is (2) ...

... staring out of the window, watching other people work.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

what have i done?

it ise very difficult to have clean, undisturbed periods of time for a certain task so, usually we de lots of different things during a day.
i have listed some of the things i've done today:

fulya, nandini, ali, murat

feyza, service bus driver, my mother, feyza, service bus driver

nicholas cage turkish dub, turkish football critics' kill bill dub, hip hop medley

43 mails recieved (multiple mails in the same conversation counted as one), 15 deleted, 8 written.

gmail (36 pages), facebook (64 pages), 9gag, çekirdekçi tayfa, sezyum, bobiler, bad turkish graphics, scholar resource, google, san francisco moma, wikipedia, google images, bureau of communication, isohunt, google analytics, sabancı university, google docs, how much is your blog worth?, akbank internet banking, mindmeister mind map, sun express airlines, pegasus airlines, turkish airlines, procrastinus academicus, gigapedia, criticker, sabancı information center, vimeo, net kitap, ifile,, hafıza kaybı, aceto balsamico,

procrastination flowchart

procrastination diary 14/04/2010

I have decided to document my working and procrastinating today. I just have come back from school and there is a pile of work to be done. Most importantly, there is an exam tomorrow and I haven't started studying yet.

I felt the need of some music. So obviously I had to turn on my computer, had to check my mails (and answer some of them). Checked some articles a teacher from Berlin had sent to me.
The electricity broke down. So now there is no internet connection - and this gave me the chance to start focussing on the exam. Started putting the papers I have to read in order, and noticed that there really is a lot to do. I start studying, honestly (But no music anymore, damn it)

I have finished the first chapter (of eleven). I am really proud of myself. I deserve a break, i.e. Coffee.
Still no electricity.

I am doing the laundry. Electricity is still not appearing and my laptop batteries are finished, so I decide to move to a café. There won´t be any houshold distraction. And I will be able to read the pdf-files I have to study for my exam.

At the café urban where the 'digital bohéme' of istanbul is meeting. Lots of people around me working on their laptops. Are they really working?
Anyway, I continue studying.

I have almost finished the second chapter. I have to tell Avsar about my procrastination diary.. and there are other emails and links to be checked as well.

What does 'distraction' mean in turkish? I have to check.

wasn't the only new vocabulary I checked. I also found a nice graphic on procrastination on the internet. And interesting pictures showing Zeyrek.

Ordered another coffee to motivate myself to continue studying.

managed another two chapters successfully. But then got distracted again.. well at least it is online-conversation about procrastination..

I finished two more chapters. Very proud. Then a friend calls me, and we decide to meet in half an hour.
This should motivate me to manage another chapter..

I meet my friend and we go out to have dinner together. Afterwords to have a coffee at another place. The conversation comes to the topic of procrastination. We both have work to do. Anyway, we order another coffee.

Back home. Fortunately, the electricity works again. I had an apointment this evening with my flatmate to work together on the poster for our next weeks exhibition. I find him sleeping, his computer running, an illustrator-file opened.
I turn on my laptop (need some music) and open the files I have to read. Then decide to have a cup of tea first.

My flatmate is still asleep. I answer some emails. A friend calls me and invites me to a concert at 22:00; avoiding to think about the exam tomorrow and the poster we haven't done yet I agree to come.
My flatmate eventually wakes up. He too wants to go out this evening. So we agree to postpone the work on the poster to the next day.

Back from the concert. Having a bad conscience because of the exam, I set the alarmclock at 08.00 the next morning. I will get up early and study, I really will!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

procrastinate with cigarette box

procrastination from Nick Lobeck on Vimeo.

auf allen kanälen ...

procrastination is...

Procrastination from Johnny Kelly on Vimeo.

Graduation film from the Royal College of Art, 2007.

An investigative and exploratory hands-on gloves-off study into the practice of putting things 'off''. Sometimes the only way to get something done is to do two dozen other things first.

Story, Animation, Direction: Johnny Kelly
Voice Over: Bryan Quinn

Sound Supervision: Mike Wyeld

Foley Artist: Sue Harding

Foley Engineer: John Mark
Foley recorded at Fonic Studios, London

Monday, April 12, 2010

blogging procrastination

Because one of the definitions of procrastination is over-complicating things for yourself, it is not surprising that it took me about one hour to find this name for the blog.
While looking for the perfect name for the blog, I have realized that blogging procrastination is obviously a popular and impossible thing to do, which actually makes sense considering an other definition of procrastination as "avoiding doing something".
So these are 14 different names I have tried to register (with Most of them empty or only with couple of posts, and only 1-2 of them really active (name, start date, number of posts, date of last post):

procrastinator (june 2001, 1, june 2001),
a procrastinator (january 2006, 4, february 2006),
the procrastinator (?, 0, ?),
procrastinating (?, 13, ?),
pro-crastination (november 2005, 4, october 2006),
procrastination (february 2002, 4, march 2005),
procrastina (october 2007, 2, february 2008),
the procrastination (june 2004, 1, june 2004),
crastinus (november 2007, 1, november 2007),
procrastinus (june 2006, 3, june 2006),
i'll do it later (?, 0, ?),
i'll do it tomorrow (july 2002, 2, august 2002),
will do it later (december 2009, 13, april 2010),
do it later (january 2007, 11, february 2007).